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Dos And Donts That Every House Buyer Needs To Know

Dos And Donts That Every House Buyer Needs To KnowWhether youre a first-time home buyer or have purchased several homes in the past, there are some things that you should and shouldnt do when buying a home. Doing the wrong things can lead to complications and additional costs. Keep these dos and donts in mind to make the home-buying process as simple and smooth as possible.


To make the home-buying process as stress-free as possible, make sure that you do the following:

Check Your Financial Capabilities

Before buying a home, ensure that you check your financial capabilities.

First, consider how much you can comfortably afford. Many experts recommend going below the maximum amount you can afford to ensure that you have flexibility should you be faced with unforeseen expenses or loss of employment.

Obtaining pre-approval for a home loan ahead of time will streamline the home-buying process, and is highly recommended.

Avoid Legal Complications

Ensure that the necessary approvals are in place for your proposed use of the plot to avoid complications further on down the road.

Engage in Financial Planning

Before investing in any property, make sure that you perform thorough financial planning and keep in mind any future liabilities you may incur.

Check the Builders Credentials

For the best experience possible, check real estate forms and other avenues to verify the builders credentials and get in touch with home buyers who have experience with the builder.


If you hope to avoid complications and legal issues, be sure to avoid the following:

Dont Over-Borrow

One of the biggest mistakes that homebuyers make is over-borrowing. Its important to ensure that you purchase a home with a price you can comfortably afford. As a general rule of thumb, avoid spending more than 40% of your monthly income on the mortgage.

Dont Buy without Appropriate Documents

If the owner cannot produce the appropriate parent documents, or title deeds, avoid investing in the property. If you decide to purchase the property without this key piece of documentation, you may face legal complications in the future. Simply put, title deeds are legal documents that prove a person owns the property. This document is crucial in transferring the ownership of property to a buyer. Technically, without a title deed in hand, you do not own the property from a legal perspective.

Dont Invest in Property that is Not Built According to Plan

If you hope to avoid legal issues in the future, make sure that you do not invest in property where the construction was not performed according to the approved plans.

Dont Buy Blindly

There are some projects that offer attractive deals and offers, which can be tempting especially for first-time buyers. However, buying blindly without doing your homework can cause you to regret your purchase later in the future. Dont base your decision on a special deal or offer. Make sure that you love the property, that the owner has the appropriate documentation and that the project was built according to plan before you commit to making a purchase.

Remember, buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. As such, its important to ensure that you do your due diligence and research each opportunity before committing to a purchase.
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